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You can Sign Up right now. Within minutes you will receive an email with easy instructions on getting your credit reports. Once we have your reports we will complete our analysis and start the dispute process.

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Your first payment is due upon sign up. Monthly recurring charges begin a month later. Please see our pricing page for complete details.

Yes. Upon signup you will create an account to access your credit reports and monitoring program. You can access your report from our recommended provider here.

No. You will never need to pay more for extra services. If you need it, we’ve got you covered.

Our credit restoration services include a detailed analysis of the issues that are harming your credit, personalized credit score improvement tips, ongoing dispute letters sent to the credit bureaus – and more!

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We dispute all items (on each bureau) every 35 days.

Many companies dispute far fewer items at a much slower pace. Our schedule is designed to deliver the optimal dispute value.

We provide a monthly service. You may utilize our service for as long as you feel you are getting value from us. There is no minimum membership duration.

Yes. You may pause, resume, and even select your own billing date with the click of a button in your account, or with a call to us.

Message us through our Secured Portal in your account, or by email or phone.

When you cancel, there are no more charges.

We always examine each account to determine the correctness of the reporting, but our program does not provide a remedy for legitimate debt.

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