I got my results back, I’m on top of my game now, and I appreciate everything. I’m about to become a home owner!

CBD consulting has made the process of credit repair so easy and hassle free. They respond to all your concerns promptly and with accurate information. I am very satisfied with the service I have received and I would most definitely recommend them to my family and friends.
Robert B.

CBD Consulting Group are absolutely amazing! They have made me a happy client along with 2 other clients I referred. Very prompt with responses and the actual service(s).

Darshawn T.
These guys did a great job on my credit my rep was amazing an very professional and did a tremendous job on my credit rebuilding process!!!!
Deandre M.
I am very pleased with the results that I received from CBD Consulting group. The increase in my credit scores far exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure working with CBD Consulting group. They were professional, knowledgeable and they provided great customer service throughout the short process. Working on your credit is a sensitive subject but they handle your personal business with utmost confidentiality and discretion. You owe it to yourself and your financial future to enlist the services of CBD Consulting group
Walter B
I will like to thank CBD consulting for all their assistance in helping me regain the confidence needed in my credit/ financial standing. They are very patient , eager to assist and knowledgeable on all services provided. My results has been a game changer and I’m grateful to have taken the opportunity to enlist in their consulting group. Thank you all and Happy Holiday’s!!
Angela H
It’s been about a month and a half since I’ve signed up with this company and my score has went up by a combined 188 points! I’m on my way to financial freedom and I’m so forever grateful to CBD Consulting Group for making step number 1 possible. Thank you CBD Consulting Group!
Stephanie S
I remember starting out with CBD and was skeptical at first, however, after the results of their hard work paid off, I didn’t regret working with them AT ALL! With their hard work, I was able to get more than one vehicle & 2 brand new credit cards. I am grateful for them not only putting up with me and all of my questions and concerns, but for doing exactly what they said they would do.
My credit was horrible. I contacted CBD and now I can say that I am officially a homeowner.
Credit Restoration Client

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